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      Our Story... so far! 

      Our story began in lockdown 2020 when we made our now signature custom thick corduroy bucket hats for a pub golf day in Oxford. They went down very well due to the premium cut and quality. We soon branched out to university clubs and societies & diversified our product portfolio and customer base from there.

      The own-brand products were launched in June 2020 originally for friends and family to have fun in. After selling out repeatedly we soon realised there was demand for our unique product offering. We offer unique alternatives to traditional designs through our signature prints, premium materials & cuts.

      Timeless designs you can wear for years to come, wherever life may take you ... the beach, festivals, casual wear. We like to think our products will one day be dug out of your wardrobe by your children and worn all over again.

      Our designs are inspired by the natural world and our logo is based on the Blue Footed Booby Bird, found only on the Galapagos Islands. We are also a charity partner with The Galapagos Conservation Trust.

      The Booby Mantra:

      ‘Live Loud’, captures the spirit of enthusiasm at the heart of the brand. A guided ethos for free-spirited individuals everywhere to be unashamedly themselves and make the most out of every moment.

      Whether through bold apparel, shared revelry or simply the courage to live authentically.