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      Our Story... so far! 

      Our story began just as the first 2020 lockdown hit the UK. Our founder Chuggs was planning his annual birthday pub crawl across Oxford City. In classic Uni fashion, it consisted of a group of 20 dressed up in fancy dress running from pub to pub! For his final birthday at Uni, he wanted to make a little memento for his friends to remember it by. In comes the first-ever batch of our statement thick corduroy bucket hats.

      Following how well they went down and the premium quality of the product, ‘Booby Buckets’ was formed, and we began badgering university clubs around the country to get their own custom Booby Buckets.

      The own-brand products were launched in June 2020, taking pride in detail, design, and premium quality of materials for comfort and style. We offer unique alternatives to traditional designs through our signature prints and materials.

      Booby Buckets products offer you a timeless, high-quality design that you can wear for years to come, wherever life may take you ... the beach, festivals, casual wear. We like to think our products are the type of thing your kids dig out of your wardrobe in years to come and still enjoy wearing. Our designs are inspired by the natural world and our logo is based on the Blue Footed Booby Bird, found only on the Galapagos Islands. This quirky creature has striking electric blue feet & a real sense of individuality making it the perfect face for our brand.

      The Galapagos Conservation Trust 

      Now, this is super exciting! We are official Corporate Charity Partners with GCT who work tirelessly to protect, educate & research the Galapagos Islands and its famous inhabitants, including our Blue Footed Booby Bird! More on what they do can be found using the header link above.

      A note from our founder 

      I am so grateful for all the help and support Booby has received from friends, family, and our loyal customers so far. What I love and think is special about this brand is that it screams fun. We have a great support network and people recognise that Booby (as I refer to it) is an awesome brand to be part of. We are fun, and young and create a buzz wherever we go! All you need to do is look at our social media to see that.

      We have a well-established Men’s Rugby 7s team that has got some silverware in the cupboard already and are chomping at the bit to get hold of some more. Keep your eyes peeled for a Women’s team soon.

      We have been to all sorts of festivals and events so keep an eye out for us the next time you are out and about!

      We now have a team of Booby Ambassadors based throughout the UK who help share the love all over the country. I am very excited about what the future holds and am grateful for you all being part of the journey.